Reviews from Fiasco Theater's Into the Woods

First US National TouR (2017):

"Vanessa Reseland creates a wonderfully unique incarnation of The Witch in this production, modernizing her, revitalizing her, and reconceptualizing her in a way that fits the production like a slick satin glove. Reseland has a powerful voice that is well suited for all of the witch’s songs, but it’s the deep emotional connection that Reseland brings forth for “Stay with Me” and “Witch’s Lament” that turns heads. “Last Midnight” is delivered with wild abandon that really makes the audience take note of the emotional integrity and final turning point of the witch’s character in that moment." - (The Kennedy Center)

"Vanessa Reseland as the Witch was perfection. Without using the heavy makeup and costuming of the original, Reseland makes the part her own using only the strength of her acting." - DC Metro Theater Arts (The Kennedy Center)

"The linchpin of this show — and the musical itself — is the witch...and here Vanessa Reseland elevates the entire cast. Reseland delivers humor and pathos while enunciating every syllable, bringing all of the show's strengths together in a climactic moment with The Last Midnight." - Tampa Bay Times (Straz Center for the Performing Arts)

"Vanessa Reseland's Witch, for example, goes from wicked to pitiable in a wonderfully thoughtful and varying performance that’s as well sung as it is acted. Reseland totally commits to the cranky old witch in the musical’s early scenes, then springs on us a sexy diva that is equally compelling." - Washington City Paper (The Kennedy Center)

"Even with minimal costuming, Vanessa Reseland is almost unrecognizable in her presentation of the two sides of the Witch: the wicked, hideous, elderly hunchback who seems almost as frightened by her appearance and demeanor as anyone else, and the ravishing pre-curse beauty whose supreme self-confidence is almost unbecoming." - Metro Weekly (The Kennedy Center)  

"...Vanessa Reseland deliver[s an] exceptional vocal performance that not only showcase[s her] strong voice, but service[s] Sondheim's intricate, witty, and substantive lyrics. Reseland - also a strong and transformative actress with a commanding presence - delivers a very nice rendition of "Last Midnight." Her rich tone makes it very pleasant to hear." - BroadwayWorld Washington, DC (The Kennedy Center)

"This emotional center is flanked by the malicious (and misunderstood) Witch, embodied by Vanessa Reseland. Ms. Reseland struts and swoops around the stage, by turns powerful and perverse, delivering some of the most compelling musical numbers in the show. Her range soars from plaintive (“Stay with Me”) to aggressive (“Last Midnight”)." - MD Theatre Guide (The Kennedy Center)

"Vanessa Reseland follows the footsteps of Peters and Streep to bring commanding presence and voice as the Witch" - Theatre Jones

"Special spotlights must be shined on the beautiful Vanessa Reseland (the Witch), whose renditions of "Witches Lament" and "Last Midnight" were compelling." - Broadway World Cleveland

"With a mere 11 actors, all of them doubling as musicians..., the company offers as poignant a treatment of the 1987 musical as you'll ever come across....Vanessa Reseland's Witch inject[s] the evening with a helpful zest." - Washington Post (The Kennedy Center)



"Vanessa Reseland's Witch is unusually grounded, both before and after her vampy makeover, very much the ruthless voice of reason." - Broadway World UK

"The witch is excellently played by Vanessa Reseland, a bold rapper in a crocheted shawl who metamorphoses into a cool blond dame in black velvet." - The Guardian

"Reseland has superb attack and a shattering voice as she moves from burning, terrifying need to blame, pragmatic ferocity, and the uselessness of remorse."  - Theatre Cat

"Vanessa Reseland is a tower of strength as The Witch, during the prologue her speech becomes a sinister rap, she spits out the intricate lyrics venomously." -

"Reseland runs with a role that many of us now associate with Meryl Streep, except that Reseland's blonde firebrand is very much her own woman." -

"...terrific performance(s) and vocal work from Vanessa Reseland, fearsome as the Witch...." - The Telegraph

"Vanessa Reseland's ugly witch with the beautiful voice metamorphoses into an elegant blonde beauty in long velvet cloak and high boots, but all this beauty takes away her magical powers. As the ugly witch her listing of the greens lusted after by the Baker's mother is superb." -

"...the singing is all you could wish for, especially with Claire Karpen and Vanessa Reseland as Cinderella and The Witch." -

"...It’s between Emily Young as Rapunzel and Vanessa Reseland as her mother, a very forceful Witch, that the sparks fly.  They give us fluent comedy...and they give us something more darkly psychological as Reseland’s Witch seeks to keep her daughter all for herself and deny her her Prince." - London Grip