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When Vanessa felt a calling to do theatre, she spent the summer after college performing in four musicals at the Pittsburgh CLO. Afterwards, she immediately moved to NYC, a decision which lead her to work on plays and musicals in New York, across the country, and in London.

When she got the electric urge to start a glam rock band, she assembled a group of musicians, called them WIFEY, and played New York clubs together for 5 years.  www.wifeyglitterrock.com 

When her theatre work brought her to the West Coast, she fell in love with East LA and packed up 13 years of her life, moving her and her adorable cat-buddy, Merzbow, to Los Angeles. Now, her home, she has transitioned to acting on screen and spending her spare time writing new music. Following her heart comes as naturally as the hard work it takes to turn those instincts into results.

Vanessa holds a BFA in Musical Theatre from Penn State University. She later studied acting with William Esper at the William Esper Studio in NYC and improv comedy at the UCB Theatre in New York and Los Angeles.

Vanessa is a long-time supporter of animal rights and a cruelty-free lifestyle. Her taste in entertainment was formed by 90s TV, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Wonder Years, (the original) Roseanne, Twin Peaks, and General Hospital. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Edward Scissorhands are hermost beloved movies. Stella is her favorite comedy group, and the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast gets her through each Monday.