Young Little Edie in Grey Gardens, Cape Playhouse

With her slightly goony smile and subtly stricken posture (something indefinable is off), Reseland is absolutely perfect as the doomed ingenue, and she lends her songs - especially ‘Daddy’s Girl’...tremendous poignancy, without milking the lyrics for pathos.
— Sandy MacDonald, The Boston Globe
Playing 20 year-old Little Edie in Act 1, actress Vanessa Reseland has a beautiful, almost operatic voice. Little Edie’s misery at finding out her mother has chased away Kennedy is palpable.
— Gwenn Friss, Cape Cod Times

Susy in Wait Until Dark, Pennsylvania Centre Stage


Lizzie in Baby, Pennsylvania Centre Stage

Many years of theater-going have left me somewhat jaded and uneasy to impress. It’s not often therefore, that I get goose bumps from a performance. Yet at the end of Act I, when Vanessa Reseland delivered her tour de force with a song called “The Store Goes On,” I did.

Reseland was excellent and totally believable as the young, modern college woman, steadfastly refusing to let herself be dragged into the mundane world of marriage.
— Harry Zimbler, Centre Daily Times
Vanessa Reseland is radiant as the expectant Lizzie. Her welling-eyed sadness as Danny packs off for a band tour is compelling, and her singing shines, such as in “The Story Goes On.
— Michael Casper, The Mirror

Betty Schaefer in Sunset Boulevard, Pioneer Theatre

Vanessa Reseland sparkles in the ingenue Betty Schaefer role and breathes life into the sappy ‘Too Much in Love to Care’ duet.
— Blair Howell, Deseret News

Illya Mannon, Carla, and Muse in As Bees in Honey Drown, Cape Playhouse

Vanessa Reseland as Carla, Denise, and Illya adds a sultry and amusing element when on stage....
— Mary Richmond, The Barnstable Patriot
Vanessa Reseland do[es] a solid job...morphing into three different and distinct characters.
— Maggie Kulbokas, Cape Cod Today

Antoinette in Man of Rock, NYMF


Missy in Colette Collage, The York Theatre

With Tom Jones and cast

With Tom Jones and cast

Harriet Craig in Craig's Wife for Drama League

The Who's Tommy, Pirates of Penzance, The Sound of Music, and Carousel,  Pittsburgh CLO.


Elma Duckworth in Bus Stop, Penn State Mainstage

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Rehearsal for The Dark Lady in The Lovely Wilds for The Emerging Artists Festival